Pre & Primary School History



Mary Mother of Mercy Pre & primary school is an undertaking of the Mary Mother of Mercy Catholic Parish Mji Mpya Relini under the registered trustees of the Arch Diocese of Dar es Salaam. The school started at the level of the Pre-Primary in 2011 administered by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

The school was conducive to carry out the Pre-Primary school activities most effectively, admitting children from 3 years to 5 years in the three levels – Baby, Pre-primary I, Pre-primary 2 classes. The school developed to a primary school level in the year 2014 and in 2015 a new school campus for primary school pupils was constructed within the church premises. Both Pre-primary and Primary School campuses have modern and malt complex structures with modern class rooms, decent administration offices, resting and first aid rooms. The Primary School is equipped with a computer lab, library and a conference room.

The English Medium pre and primary school operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology with registration numbers DS.1/7/EA1.127 and D.1/7/127. The school is managed by the School Manager cum Parish Priest assisted by the Assistant Manager, two Head teachers (Pre-primary and Primary school), Parents Committee, the School Board appointed by the Parish Council together with teaching and non-teaching staffs.

The school offers education services reflecting its motto, “EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE” envisaged in positive cultural, traditional, moral and spiritual values for peaceful and prosperous world and to uplift and integrate the pupil into a bright future providing quality education, discipline, moral values and spiritual guidance.

The dominant teaching approach in this school is on competency based in which the learner is the target. The school has adequate teaching facilities supported by a conducive  learning atmosphere.




The Sisters of the Holy Spirit provide safe hostel facility for Primary and Preprimary girls pupils to facilitate better learning atmosphere. We focus on the pupils’ intellectual, spiritual & character formation and good social behavior. A Sister in-charge, a well-trained matron, a helping staff, a cook and day and night security make sure the safety and welfare of the girls in the hostel. A green environment, clean and neat surrounding, campus walled on all sides, clean drinking water provided with water- purifier, spacey dormitories fully furnished, kitchen, work area, multipurpose hall, study rooms, store rooms, wash rooms and playground etc. are the attractive features of the hostel. The pupils are guided to follow a set timetable for daily Holy Mass, prayer, class, work, games, food and rest.


The school provides transport service by its own school buses operating in areas near the school and far places. Currently the school has buses operating in four main locations around the school locality.