School Direction






To build up a society that is based on positive cultural, traditional, moral and spiritual   values, for a peaceful and prosperous world.



 To uplift and integrate the pupil into a bright future providing quality education, discipline, moral values and spiritual guidance. 



  1. To give quality education.
  2. To gain the intellectual, physical and spiritual capabilities of pupils.
  3. To impart moral and religious values.
  4. To foster the qualities of life, in order to respond positively to problems of the contemporary world.
  5. To mould the pupils be the responsible citizen for our country.
  6. To prepare to work for unity and love among the tribes and religious groups of our country.



  1. Pupils should attend classes regularly.
  2. The School starts at 07.30 am and ends at 03.00 pm.
  3. All pupils should be in time for the assembly.
  4. Late comers will be marked as absent.
  5. All pupils should wear neat and clean uniform every day.
  6. All pupils, irrespective of religion, or tribe should wear the same uniform.
  7. The School cannot be held responsible for accidents to pupils.
  8. Pupils are not allowed to bring money to the school.
  9. Parents are welcome to meet teachers from 02.00 pm to 03.30 pm, to know about the progress of their children.



The medium of language in Mary Mother of Mercy School is English. Mary Mother of Mercy School is following the syllabus of the Government of Tanzania for pre-primary and primary classes.  Extra-curricular activities such as music, art, sports and games will be an integral part of our education system.



In order to bring out the best in the pupils, the parents and the teachers are to co-operate with one another. The parents are to meet the teachers from time to time, to know the academic performance of their children. Progress report book will be collected by the parents from school after the terminal and annual examinations and later on to be returned to the class teachers without delay.

If a report book or a school diary is lost the pupil will buy a new one from the school office.



As our motto suggests, “Education for Excellence”, we are committed to give quality education for all our children. We want our students to excel not only in their intellectual, physical and spiritual capabilities but also in being responsible citizens for the growth and development of our country. Let us help our children to build a bright future.



We the children of Mary Mother of Mercy

Implore your blessings

Dear Mother from above


Ch:  Bless us dear Mother

To be just like you

Grant us wisdom

To be kind and true


The wealth of knowledge

We gain in your mercy

Make us to excel in all that we are up to.


Loving, caring, daring, we shall throng

Thus build up our Nation, so great and strong.